Meet the two investigative journalists who just DESTROYED the Russia/Trump narrative…

Many believe journalism in America is in trouble. At least according to Sean Hannity and the Online-News community. He has said for years that:

“Journalism in America is dead.”

Some agree with Hannity. Others dismiss Hannity as a biased reporter working for the Right. We watch, and some of us participate, as emotionally charged word-bombs are lobbed back and forth in the media.

There is hope for Journalism

It seems Journalism isn’t completely dead in America. In October 2016, Hillary Clinton sent a cryptic Tweet, she suggested something sinister. At the time what she allegedly had bad news for Trump. Trump supporters dismissed her Tweet as political banter without substance.

The election came and went. Trump supporters herald that the Incumbent Media continues to attack President Trump at every turn. President Trump has accused several incumbent News organizations of producing fake news against him.

Things got interesting when President Trump sent a series of Tweets accusing former President Obama of “wire-tapping” Trump Tower. Trump supporters and News organizations piled on to these allegations. The word-bomb throwing continues.

At the top of every Liberal news outlet, you can find opinion mingling with half-truths that suggest a connection between President Trump and Russia. To date, no proof has been produced to prove any connection. The same people making the baseless claims against President Trump are demanding evidence from President Trump.

This is where two journalists become a part of the story. It isn’t everyday that a journalist becomes a part of the story. On this day many admit that journalism still has a chance in America.

Two American Heros

I know calling these two people heroes might seem like a lot. It is not a lot, heroes come in many forms. These two people have shown us that there is hope. Hope that we can someday trust journalism again, but we might find ourselves trusting someone we didn’t know before.

John Soloman and Sarah Carter composed a joint article titled:

“The FBI investigated a Trump server in its Russia probe, but no charges are expected”

Here is a small tease of what they reported:

“The months-long FBI counterintelligence investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential campaign briefly investigated a computer server tied to Donald Trump’s businesses near the end of the election but has not gathered evidence of election tampering to date that would warrant criminal charges against any of the president’s associates, Circa has learned.”

How reliable is their report? Let’s have a look at the two heroes who, some say, could save journalism in America. The first thing you will notice is both of them are very accomplished. The second thing is they have a lot of experience.

John Solomon

John Solomon is a seasoned journalist who began his career at the Associated Press in 1987. He later became the Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Times. Wikipedia reports he left in 2009.

Some time later he is now a Chief Officer with Circa News. He has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. On that Wikipedia page, his values are made clear by references to his removal of the word “marriage” when referring to gay marriage while at the Washington Times.

He is a highly respected journalist among his peers and has experience well beyond the newsroom.

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter is a well known Washington DC Correspondent. She also works for Circa News. Many in the community including Sean Hannity have referred to her as a well-respected journalist.

As an award-winning investigative and front-line journalist, she has uncovered many breaking news stories including war. In the business, her actions have garnered her a lot of respect and envy. She most recently released a story that could end up being another Benghazi that was overlooked.

Final Note

These two journalists wrote an excellent article about President Trump. I strongly suggest you read it. You can find the article link at the bottom of my article. Before you go, please take the time to SHARE this on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. S##tpost is on Reddit. Drop it on Gab.ia and email it to friends.

You are reading about two American heroes that just changed the entire Trump / Russia discussion. They accomplished this by doing what journalists should be doing.


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